Wednesday, 20 August 2008

a wee update

Just been having a wee chat with some maties - trying to take my mind off things .... life .... whatever!

I must have been a right nasty bast*rd in a past life cause the past few years have been SHITE! Not to me personally but to those around me.

Got a call from my dad to tell me that my uncle had been involved in a head on car smash and had been trapped for over 2 hours before being airlifted to hospital. Now in intensive care on a life support machine :( Been on machines now for a week. He is stable but critical. Same ICU that my dad was in - now that is spooky!

My own "wee problem" has almost fully healed lol - no more wincing pain when I move about and the swelling is all but disappeared. I can tell ya ..... I would never want to go through that amount of discomfort again :) - what a woose I am :D

I did say that I would tell you all about it (no piccys though ... I aint wanting an X rated blog) - and my next post will do just that .... men .... warning .... you may wish to cross your legs and hold the jewels tight ... it's eye watering stuff!

On a lighter note ... mum and dad got themselves a new puppy. He is gorgeous! A cute little black and white fluff ball border collie. I will upload a piccy or two of him soon.

Also ... went to a family BBQ 2 weeks ago and was told that I am gonna be an uncle ... yeah! An official uncle (I have a few unofficial nephews and neices!) - kid is gonna be spoiled. The "bump" ... there aint much of one but sis in law likes to think there is (3 months) .. has a nickname. Yes, my bro and his wife have nicknamed the bump. The 3 month scan looked so much like a baked bean they have called it Heinz. Thankfully not to be called that after it's born :o)

well .... just a quickie ... I will get round all the blogs that I love reading and visiting - kinda missing the stories, posts, pics and gossip!

Luv you all


Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Howdy all in Blogland

Just a short message to say I am recovering from the surgery, very tender and popping painkillers like smarties!

If I had known a simple op was going to take weeks to heal I may not have bothered lol - I am VERY impatient and don't make a good patient hahaha

Staying with the family at the moment cause I haven't been able to do much but should be home and back to "normal" soon hahaha

Hope you are all well xxxxx

I'll tell you all about the burning flesh and smoke, 6 injections instead of 3, the bloodbath, delayed flights and a very sorry for himself Scotz in a post next week ... oh I can so tell everyone wants to hear my woes pmsl xx