Sunday, 20 January 2008

FURIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few posts ago, when I was at a bit of an all time low, I mentioned a friend who turned up 'out of the blue' to stay with friends of mine. He came with a story of how he had been in hospital and was bleeding from his eyes etc etc - resulting in him being told he had between 3 and 6 months to live.

His house had been broken into and those responsible had ransacked the place, ruining much of the furniture and stealing a lot of his possessions ...


The friends he was staying with have been like a second family to me and when M called in tears to tell me what had happened, I lost all faith and started to question much of what he had said. I was so angry that I had to put the phone down, rant and rage and then call her back! I am not someone who angers easily!!

Whilst staying with my friends, he lied to, and stole from, them. 3 Christmas presents were taken and a large amount of money was also stolen from the house. Money which did not belong to my friends, but which belonged to many people they were buying theatre tickets for. My friends run a theatre club, running trips to the theatre for many older folks in the town and surrounding area that wouldn't normally manage to get to Glasgow or Edinburgh. The ticket money had been collected and a large portion was stolen.

He was apparently also opening a new business. Rightly or wrongly, I started to question much of what he had said and I went all Miss Marple and started to investigate for myself. The new business DOES NOT exist! He has moved house and changed phone and mobile numbers. There was absolutely NO communication of any kind over the Christmas and New Year period which was very strange as he calls at least once per week - he knows that we now know!!!

I am now questioning the hospital stay and the 3-6 month diagnosis. My friends decided to call the hospital where he had apparently been admitted and where he had all his tests. As he had gone missing we asked if he had been admitted again and explained the story about having a tumour etc etc and were told that the last admission was months and months ago - there was NO recent admission to hospital!

Words fail me when I think about how we have all been taken for a ride by this complete and utter fu*kign bas*ard. He had few family and real friends and has completely isolated himself from those he did have by telling lies that had us all in a very emotional state thinking he only had months to live, all the time he was stealing and fabricating this elaborate story!

The silence from him and change of address and phone number with no communication tells me, he knows what he has done. The friends he stayed with have replaced the stolen money and stolen presents but I know that they have been shattered by this experience, M inparticular, who has stood by him through a very messy divorce and some very low times.

I sincerely hope that he NEVER contacts any of us again, I don't want to hear any pathetic excuses and I certainly don't want two very close friends, M and R, to go through all this again!

Sorry that my first post back was a bit of a 'hum-dinger'!!!! I have been spending huge amounts of time at work after the holidays and have been doing some extra work for a local university so I have had little time to actually spend updating this wee ditty - I will be more regular from now on :o)

McTavish is doing really well at the moment. He and mum had a bit of a war of words, she felt he was wallowing in self-pity and not helping himself - since which he has made a great return to the man he used to be :o) bloody argumentative and grumpy git hahaha and he's very slowly putting on weight and getting stronger and healthier each day :o)

Thursday, 3 January 2008

me ...

Thanks to CASDOK for this .... saw it on her side panel and got curious lol

The Recipe For Scots

3 parts Wit
2 parts Aspiration
1 part Prosperity

Splash of Flirtation

Sip slowly on the beach

PS ... it's started snowing again hahahaha

Happy New Year!

A very happy and prosperous New Year to everyone! xx Here's hoping that 2008 is miles better than 2007 has been.

The last of the turkey has gone, the decorations are down and life can start to get back to normal after the festivities .... or can it?

I am writing this new year blog from the study and I am watching the snow falling from the grey, cold sky and I have to say that it is getting very heavy. Doesn't look as if it is going to stop either - I love falling snow! I just don't like it once it has fallen and it starts to get all slushy and dirty. Pure white, driven snow - there's nothing like it to lift the spirits after weeks of frost and rain.

A quick update from the holidays ....

I enjoyed a large family Christmas with my mum and dad, brother and his wife, sister and her boyfriend, youngest brother and my nan with friends and other family dropping in throughout the day. Much was eaten and there are quite a few empty bottles for recycling :o)

The day after Boxing Day I got a phone call from a company who were delivering my new leather suite. I had ordered the suite in July and it had taken this long to come. Originally I was promised a 10 week delivery date but after 12 weeks I got a call from the company telling me there had been a problem and they were having to re-order the suite from Italy. Bloody cheek!!!

Well, true to their promise I got a call on the Thursday at about 4.30pm saying they had arrived to deliver. Now, to let you understand, I live in a flat (well a flat of sorts as I have an upstairs and loft ... but classed as a flat). A first floor flat, so there weren't too many stairs for the chaps to climb and deliver my suite. I had ordered a 2 seater sofa and a 3 seater sofa and I could tell from the look on the delivery mens faces that they were less than impressed by the amount of stairs!

There were arguments about the size of the front door and the internal door but they would give it a try. "Junior" was sent to the lorry to prepare the sofas whilst the other two chaps hummmmmmmmed and haaaaaawwwweeeeddddd over the size of the 3 seater and the size of the door.

The swearing was colourful, the 3 delivery men falling out with each other was a right laugh but with a few trapped fingers a bloody elbow and some very high blood pressure - the delivery was complete. I now have the problem that when I leave this wee village I may not be taking the leather sofas with me as I can't see them getting back out of the flat! lmao

..... what else has hapened? ... oh yes ... the snow that I thought wasn't going to stop .... well it just has!!!! So much for the crippling snow in Scotland today! hahahaha ... another washout.

McTavish continues to get better at home and was out and about visiting my sister on Hogmanay. My aunt, his sister, lost her husband (my uncle lol) just before Christmas last year and I was really chuffed to see her through staying with mum and dad and out visiting my wee sis for New Year celebrations.

I personally HATE New Year .... I'll not go into it too much, but for reasons in the past, it is one of the festivities that I try to steer clear of as much as possible. I was in bed just after midnight but couldn't actually get to sleep until 5.20am!!!!!!! I was NOT chuffed at all.

I have, two doors away, a family from hell! Their Hogmanay party started at 1am and I could hear the words to their music in my house! I would not liked to have been living directly beside them that's for sure! I had no problem with the music and their party as it was New Year and they were celebrating .... I did have a problem with the 3 street fights that were started with their family and others who were first-footing! Watching grown-up (ha ha), drunken men and women fighting in the street (the main high street trhough this village) with cars and taxis swerving round them fighting is not a good advert for the village (or ghetto) or the family from hell! They eventually ran out of steam and went their different ways. The music stopped at 5am, coinciding with the last of the 3 fights hahahaha - oh the joys! I was able to get some sleep and later found out that I was awake longer then my friends who were out partying! huh!

Anyway .... that is all behind us now and I am enjoying the last of the Christmas holidays before the schools return on January 7th.

PS ... the snow has all but melted away and the sun is shining again ... hahaha Scotland without snow ... how sad!

I'll leave you with a wee pic I have found of my local area in winter ...