Saturday, 1 November 2008


Been thinking about getting a tattoo .... very patriotic .... comments on this ...

maybe this ....

playing with my stones!

Some people have filthy minds!!! I meant playing with the curling stones!

Having NEVER stepped onto an ice-rink and NEVER played a ngame of curling - I was recruited by a curling team and placed into a league playing other teams who have been playing for many years.

Now, for those who have never heard of curling or have never seen a curling match on tv, here's a little intro ...

The aim of the game is to get your curling stones as close to the centre of the target (house) as possible and closer than your opposing teams stones. All of this is done by pushing 44lb granite stones up a sheet of ice. A bit like a game of bowls and a game of chess mixed together and played on ice.

Teams of four play against another team of four with each team member curling 2 stones each. The skip lets each team member know where to try and curl their stone each time and if you are not curling then you are sweeping! Little did I know just how energetic curling actually was.

The sport originated from Scotland and was played outside on frozen lakes. Records take the sport back to 1511 in Dunblane, Scotland.

Now ..... imagine the icy slippy pavement in winter ..... and then imagine that not being slippy enough and adding a smooth, slippy sole to one of your shoes and chasing after a 44lb polished, granite stone up a sheet of ice with a brush in your hand .... yep .... that's me :D hahahaha

Here's how it should be done ...

Anyway .. not content with training and coaching sessions and being recruited by a team I also joined another league ..... maybe the cold and the ice are my thing afterall pmsl