Sunday, 24 February 2008

Feeling kinda grumpy, kinda down in the dumpy!

Oh how I hate this time of year with all the little darlings coming in bearing many many little bugs and viruses.

I have a bad cold now, which is leading to blocked sinuses .... I am the true "face ache" and to top it all off ..... I now have a throat infection too .... booo hooo!!!

Jeez .. my nose is like a shining beacon that can be seen at 500 paces and I have gone through 2 boxes of snot-rags (tissues) in the last 2 days ffs. I need to take shares in Kleenex, I think.

As if that wasn't enough for poor me to cope with ..... I broke a tooth on Thursday at lunch. I had just finished a lovely bowl of parsnip and pumpkin soup with crusty bread and butter and had decided to have a cheese and ham toasted sandwich to follow - BIG MISTAKE.

I was about to take my last bite of the sandwich when I felt a strange feeling at the back of my mouth. One tooth (a right big fecker) had partly broken off at gum level. The space left was VERY sensitive to heat and cold - the weather was rotten and taking a breath of cold air nearly made me turn the air blue LOL.

A phonecall to my dentist and an emergency appointment was made for the following morning at 9.20am. When I got to the surgery on Friday morning I wasmet by a sea of people all in similar situations to myself. This was going to be a long wait!

I finally got taken through to "the chair" at 10.20am and the lovely dentist had the tooth built back up and had me on my way within 30 minutes. I only missed half a day at work .... shame :o) hahahaha.

So, face-ache blocked sinuses on the left and frozen mouth on the right .... I was a complete picture of "happiness" :o) ..... NOT.

Hopefully this coming week will NOT bring quite as much hassle in my direction and hopefully this cold and grotty feeling will soon disappear.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Defence of the Dark Arts

NO ... not Harry Potter .... the bloody spying little trojan feckers!

I am running an anti-virus and spyware firewall but the little bugger seems to have gotten through the defences! Here's a trojan ...

OOPS .. that's the condom collection ... I meant this ....

I have used 3 different spyware detection and removal programmes, just to make sure, and I have more protection running on this computer than I know what to do with. Hmmmm wonder if that's the reason I can type one letter every 10 seconds now? LOL

The confusing thing is that, depending on the spyware programme that you run - you get different results! How bloody confusing is that?

Anyway .... all cleaned and protected - that's the reason for sharing the trojan condoms! hahaha

And .... Marmy ...... here's a wee something for you ...

It's amazing what sh*te people put on the net these days (THIS IS NOT ME)

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Oh dear me ... it's VD time again :o(

That's Valentines Day by the way .... not any other variation of VD !!!!!!!!

Here's a big smoochy kiss to you all and a bunch of roses! xxxxx

Well, now that the formalities are out of the way I can celebrate my 100th blog posting!!!!! Yeeeeha :o)

Been having a bit of a tough time with bits n bobs happening over the past couple of weeks but I see light on the horizon hahaha .. and I, Scots, am back!! BEWARE!!

PS ... I aint no GINGER scots git ya cheeky mare!

I feel like I should be getting a telegram from Her Maj :o)

Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Winter Wonderland .... well ... sort of

Oh the excitement .... as the weather forecaster woke me up with comments about blizzards, gale force winds, deep snow and travel chaos! My first thoughts were - will I be able to get from my wee backwards village, through the country roads and onto the motorway? Where did I file the emergency closure policy for the school, just incase we have to close? ha ha ha ... I have my priorities right.

Did I need to bother? You guessed it .... did I feck! I opened the blinds a crack - just enough to look out at the weather and not enough to give anyone a fright at seeing me starkers at the window ha ha ha ha!! NOT a sign of any snow activity at all.

I drove to school with no bother and did get a little excited as there was a small flurry of the elusive white stuff ... but then .... NOTHING!!!!!

The travel report kept cutting off Radio 1 and Chris Moyles, to tell me about closed roads due to drifting snow, travel chaos due to bad snow ..... where was it???? It certainly hadn't reached anywhere I was driving through.

At work the wind was bitingly (if that is not a word it should be) cold and blowing fiercely around the grounds whipping up dropped crisp packets .... oooohhhh wait till I get all the little cherubs at assesmbly - a captive audience - dropping litter is a wee bug bear of mine! mwahhahaha <<< evil laugh!!

I looked out my office window and noticed the large, fluffy white SNOWflakes falling to ground .... oooohhhh the excitement. I could hear some kids in the corridors talking about the "blizzard" outside, about sledging and snowmen. I went up to the window and my excitement levels dropped as it was melting on contact with the ground and it certainly wasn't going to be lying easily.

The drive home was no more unusual than normal, some high winds, but no sign of the white stuff that was supposedly going to cause widespread chaos across Central Scotland.

When I eventually went to bed last night there had been a little 'icing sugar' dusting of snow and there may have been the same again over night BUT none of the major snow that we were forecast!!

A disappointed, one year older, Scots!! :o(